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Ask Her Anything: How Rachel Became A Software Engineer At Dow Jones Via PowerTo

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Ask Rachel, who was hired via PowerToFly, ANYTHING in this hour-long chat! 

Rachel Cohen, a Software Engineer at Dow Jones, spent the first decade of her career in journalism and recently landed the career of her dreams after attending a PowerToFly event! If you're currently pivoting your career, in the trenches of a coding bootcamp, amidst your first technical interview, or have been rejected once or twice and are looking for some advice, join us, and ask Rachel for some advice!

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Rachel Cohen was a sports reporter for over 16 years, covering everything from Texas high school football to Olympic figure skating. Always fascinated by using technology to do her job better and ready for a new challenge, she made a career switch by attending the Grace Hopper Program. Now she builds applications that help journalists do their job better as a software engineer for The Wall Street Journal and other Dow Jones publications.

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