Do you suffer from imposter syndrome? Imposter Syndrome is that overwhelming, and at times, debilitating feeling that you don’t belong. It affects women and minority groups disproportionately. Learn how to overcome imposter syndrome and start believing in yourself.

You will walk away from this chat with:

  • A better understanding of imposter syndrome and how you can overcome it
  • Strategies to gain more confidence in yourself

Meet The Speaker

Candice Quadros
Candice Quadros

Candice Quadros is the Director of Program Management at Roku Inc. based in the SF Bay Area. She is currently leading the charter of productivity and digital transformation in the Enterprise Engineering team. Prior to Roku, Candice has held leadership positions at Google and Microsoft. Candice has been in the Technical Program Management space for many years and is an ardent advocate of the benefits that effective program management brings.

She is passionate about mentoring people, especially women and has effectively mentored many Program Managers through their careers. Candice has a Masters in Computer Science from SUNY Buffalo and a Bachelors in Computer Engineering from the University of Mumbai.


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