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Blockchain 101

Blockchain 101

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It seems like everyone is talking about blockchain, but what do you really know about this revolutionary technology taking the internet by storm? Raffi Sapire, Director of Operations at Livepeer is here to teach and help us understand blockchain basics in this hour-long live Q&A. Livepeer is on the cutting edge of blockchain technology, and with her experience in operations, she will also be sharing tips for breaking into the industry, and how you can start a career in blockchain! 

You asked, she's answering:

  • What is Blockchain? 
  • What is Bitcoin and how does that coincide with Blockchain?
  • How does someone start a career in Blockchain? 
  • Is it a sustainable career path?
  • & More!


Raffi Sapire:

Raffi is Director of Operations at Livepeer, a decentralized live streaming network that allows anyone to broadcast and share their voice. Here, she's leading community growth, Business Development and Operations. Raffi also co-organizes, a global blockchain community that curates intimate dinners around technical topics. Most recently, Raffi was an investor at a Blue Seed, and built tech ecosystems to support serial entrepreneurs as well as female entrepreneurs. Prior she designed a community platform for Acumen, where she connected founders across India, Africa, Pakistan and Latin America.

Angie Ramirez:

Angie is a software engineer at Livepeer, working on the Golang implementation of the Livepeer protocol. Angie got into the blockchain space through video engineering and a lot of personal interest in the sector. She first heard about the blockchain in 2013, attended a couple of crypto-focused meetups in 2014, and in September 2015, she argued her way to a free ticket to attend Consensus, CoinDesk’s inaugural summit on digital currencies and blockchain technology. At the time, Angie was working as an Associate in the Financial Services Industry. By 2016, it became clear to her that she wanted a career not just as a heavy user of new technology, but as one of its creators. She enrolled in a coding bootcamp full time and jumped head-first into engineering. She worked on video engineering at BuzzFeed for two years, and landed in the blockchain space through Livepeer fall of 2018.

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