In today’s ever-changing economic cycle, there’s so much uncertainty. So how can you prepare for growth and shepherd clients through unpredictable times? And how can you guarantee great customer experiences?

It all comes down to building those tangible — and intangible — human connections.

Logicworks’ Brenton Graves (Team Lead, Cloud Service Delivery), James Choi (Manager, Cloud Service Delivery), and Chanpreet Singh (Senior Cloud Service Delivery Manager) will join us to share how they execute and achieve one main goal: Keeping customers as happy as possible by helping them meet their business objectives.

While that requires being values-driven to understand and anticipate client needs, it also demands creative thinking and solutions!

You’ll take away:

  • Why human connections are essential to success
  • Tips to ensure maximum value for clients + gain repeat business
  • How to manage expectations + difficult conversations
  • Ways to foster an out-of-the-box approach

Meet The Speakers

James Choi
James Choi
Manager of Cloud Service Delivery, Logicworks

James is the Manager of Cloud Service Delivery at Logicworks with twelve years of IT and management experience.

He has worked in multiple industries prior to his IT career including financial planning, mental health counseling, and running his family business.

Developing trust and relationships is his focus whether it’s with clients or teammates and has found these to be paramount to influence a positive outcome for everyone.

Chanpreet Singh
Chanpreet Singh
Senior Cloud Service Delivery Manager, Logicworks

Chanpreet Singh is a Senior Cloud Service Delivery Manager who has been with Logicworks for about 3 years. He has worked in a customer-facing role for about 15 years, and specifically in IT for the past decade holding various positions such as Project/Program Manager and Service Delivery Manager.

Chanpreet is passionate about building strong bonds with customers, understanding their business needs, and helping them achieve their goals.

Along with working at Logicworks, Chanpreet is also pursuing his MBA as well as running a brick-and-mortar sneaker store in Midtown Manhattan.

Brenton Graves
Brenton Graves
Team Lead, Cloud Service Delivery, Logicworks

Brenton is the Team Lead of Cloud Services Delivery at Logicworks. He brings over 10 years of technical, service delivery, and leadership experience to support clients and teammates alike.

He enjoys creating positive outcomes for his customers that support long-term, sustainable growth and coaching his team to do the same.

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