In my 40+ years in corporate America I became very familiar with ageism in the workplace. I will discuss why we must never let ageism dictate the future for us. I will share different tools and approaches to deal with this discriminatory practice so you can take your power back and move forward.

You will walk away from this chat with:

  • An understanding of how to present yourself when applying for a new job
  • Gain the confidence to stop letting your experience feel like a factor that takes you out of the job search
  • Strategies for approaching the interview process and hiring managers

Meet The Speaker

Helen Sanchez
Helen Sanchez

Helen’s background includes over twenty years working in recruiting, education in Women and Gender Studies, as well as African American Studies. She is the founder of Tanagui, whose primary focus is to offer services that result in breakthrough resumes and interview mastery for women over 40.


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