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Working-age adults with disabilities participate in the workforce significantly less than those without disabilities, while neurodiverse adults continue to experience unemployment rates much higher than their neurotypical counterparts. These disheartening realities are often due to discrimination and unconscious bias; barriers that prevent recruitment processes from being accessible to all candidates; or workplaces with physical spaces, procedures, and technology that is designed for able-bodied, neurotypical workers.

Disability and neurodiversity inclusion is a critical, yet often overlooked component of DEI efforts and business expansion. PowerToFly changed that by hosting a one-day, interactive summit focusing on destigmatizing disabilities and neurodivergence in the workplace, both visible and invisible.

Topics Included:

Understanding neurodiversity

The benefits and drawbacks that hybrid and remote work can have on a person with a disability

Respectful and inclusive language

The historical context of disability in the public sphere

Accessible technology

And much more.

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