How do you imagine your career? Do you picture it as a stairway to success, with each step leading to a new title or promotion? Or do you envision your career as an open canvas, waiting to be painted with extraordinary experiences?

According to Google’s Director ofTalent Outreach and active HOLA ERG member, Cinthia Lopez, there’s no one-size-fits-all career path. Cinthia comes from a non-tech background, has enjoyed four different careers (so far!) while remaining ever-curious and open to learning new things. As a Latina in tech, she’s incredibly passionate about empowering others to pursue their passions, engage their purpose, and leave an impact.

Cinthia understands that there’s room for everyone in the biggest tech companies, so it’s crucial not to be intimidated. You 100% can — and should — have agency in your future. After all, your career doesn’t just happen to you. You engineer it with your very own superpowers and by connecting to what moves you!

Get ready to:

  • Reimagine what career means for you — and identify those superpowers
  • Learn why having a curious mindset is so important
  • Hear how to self-advocate and articulate what you want
  • Embrace “striving to be excellent” in the moment
  • Assess how a new role will serve your journey

Meet The Speaker

Cinthia Lopez
Cinthia Lopez
Director, Talent Outreach, Google

Cinthia is a transformational human resources executive with a proven track record of driving results. With a unique blend of experiences across product, risk management, and people operations in the financial services and technology industries, Cinthia has made a significant impact throughout her career.

Currently serving as the Director of Talent Outreach at Google since late 2021, Cinthia is responsible for leading the company's upper funnel talent engagement strategy to build a positive employment brand sentiment and a representative talent pipeline.

Passionate about people development, diversity, and inclusion, Cinthia has actively served in Latinx and Women Business Resource Groups at Capital One and at Google, demonstrating her commitment to creating inclusive work environments where all employees can thrive.