The first all-in-one diversity recruiting software

The first all-in-one diversity recruitment software

Find and hire qualified, diverse talent with the PowerToFly DEIB Business Suite. Leverage our 17M+ pool of diverse talent and AI-driven candidate search to hire faster and more efficiently.

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Simplify candidate sourcing with our all-in-one diverse talent acquisition platform. Find top talent who matches your open roles while simultaneously reaching your company's diversity goals.

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The DEIB Business Suite

The PowerToFly DEIB Business Suite connects companies with highly skilled professionals from underrepresented backgrounds, ensuring that your team reflects the world we live in.

The Suite helps companies reach their Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) goals, from managing talent lifecycles to building inclusive company cultures.

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Features of the Suite include:

✔️ Insights Dashboard to monitor your complete candidate funnel, with live data integration, performance benchmarking, and reporting.

✔️ Candidate Search with diversity filters, so you can find talent using a number of identity parameters, like gender and ethnicity. Build custom candidate lists for each open role, and direct message your best fits!

✔️ Unlimited job postings via XML feed automation, to get each one of your open roles where diverse professionals are looking for them.

✔️ Unconscious bias toolkit with DEIB plug-and-play templates to help you quickly, effectively mitigate bias in job descriptions and beyond.

✔️ Curated Company Page to share your open roles, highlight blog & video content we've custom-made for you, and own your story as an inclusive employer of choice.

✔️ Online, on-demand DEIB training courses and learning pathways, designed by our team of in-house DEIB educators & strategists. Grow as an advocate, and earn LinkedIn-shareable DEIB certificates & SHRM and HRCI credits as you do.

Candidate Search

This feature enables recruiters and talent acquisition specialists to optimize their recruitment efforts, identify top, diverse candidates efficiently, and make informed hiring decisions.

With AI-driven matching, diversity filters, custom-list building, and direct messaging, it's a more accurate, robust,and streamlined approach to diversity hiring than traditional tools can offer.

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Candidate Funnel

Effortlessly track, edit, and centralize candidates' progress through your funnel. Get a real-time, comprehensive view of where each applicant is, avoid bottlenecks, speed up the hiring process, and provide visibility for your entire team.

With PowerPro's proprietary candidate identity data, you can use Candidate Funnel to simultaneously spotlight diversity recruiting gaps and opportunities, too.

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Jobs Board

Tap into a diverse pool of talent by showcasing every role you have open to our community and wider network of over 200 million underrepresented professionals. With a presence on our Jobs Board, you can help potential candidates easily keep track of and apply for the roles you're actively hiring for.

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Insights dashboard

Insights Dashboard

Introducing a hiring software that uses diversity data and insights to help you identify and manage your talent pipeline from start to end.

Monitor your team's real-time progress to stay on track of your hiring and DEIB goals, with a centralized, dynamic view of your complete talent funnel. Using these insights, you can pinpoint bottlenecks and take corrective actions to optimize your hiring process, before targets are missed.

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On-demand DEIB training

With a PowerUp membership, you get access to a professional diversity & inclusion learning hub offering best-in-class DEIB training, insights, and resources. From self-paced, expert-designed DEIB courses, customizable reports, and templates to a diversity calendar, community events, and trending DEIB conversations, this is your one-stop shop for all things DEIB knowledge expansion.

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See what recruitment, HR, talent acquisition, and diversity leaders are saying about the PowerToFly DEIB Business Suite:

I love the analytics showcasing how candidates are engaging with our brand. It helps tell our story and identify gaps where we may need to make additional effort.” – Jennifer Moulton, talent leader for North America at SoftwareOne.
“It’s useful having demographic and funneling information about our candidate pool all readily available in one place.” – Tarin Tomilson, NORAM Equity & Inclusion Program Manager at SoftwareOne.

“Diversity is our backbone. I would recommend this solution to anyone who is looking to hire for a high volume of open positions while wanting to increase the diversity numbers in their company. We are always looking for content about the technical side of recruitment, so the content direction included in this product is very helpful.”Mayra Massuda, HR lead at RebelMouse.

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Building a diverse team fosters creativity and drives innovation. Book a free 10-minute consultation today to learn more about how PowerToFly can help you achieve your diversity talent acquisition and employee retention goals.

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