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Stop Networking, Start Connecting


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Stop Networking, Start Connecting

Career Connections 2024: Where Talent Meets Opportunity

The age-old advice to “network” in order to advance your career or land a new job is usually met with slumped shoulders and frowns. Few people like “networking.” But that’s because too often it feels hollow and transactional. What if instead of networking you started connecting? Join Tami Forman, an expert on gender equity, workforce development and women’s participation in the paid labor market, for this insightful conversation that will make you connect the dots in your career journey.

Tami Forman (She/Her)

Tami Forman is chief evangelist at How We Do It, a newsletter and community for people building great careers and meaningful lives. She is an expert on gender equity and women’s participation in the paid labor market. In 2016 she founded Path Forward, a nonprofit that empowers family caregivers to return to paid work. She led Path Forward for seven years, working with more than 100 companies, including Amazon, Apple, Netflix, SAP, Walmart, and Pepsi, to hire thousands of people through returnships. Subscribe to her newsletter at

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