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Guido A. Sanchez (He/Him)
Guido A. Sanchez (He/Him)
Summit Speaker

Author & Educator

Guido A. Sanchez is a writer, Middle School teacher & leader, comic aficionado, and podcaster based in New York. Guido revels in nurturing young people along their journeys as they begin to write the myths of their own lives. Once the school day wraps up, he also steps into the role of co-host and creator of "Dear Watchers: The Omniversal Comic Book Podcast." With his vast collection of over 30,000 comics, he navigates the intricacies, inspirations, and impacts of world-building in fictional reality and the modern myths we all love. Prior to that he created a queer history podcast and has contributed to print and online publications over the last twenty years. Guido is an education leader in a middle school by day, with a Masters in Public Health.

In 2015, Guido wrote a girls' puberty textbook published by a local school that is still used today. In 2023, his published "Spider-Man: Web of Technology" book from Running Press / Hachette Book Group was released along with the Amazing Spider-Man Light Up Signal replica. In 2024 "Queer Mythology: Epic Legends from Around the World" will be released through Running Press.