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How Your Marketing Can Shift Conversations


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How Your Marketing Can Shift Conversations

Beyond Boundaries: UK & Europe Diversity Summit

Your brand strategy influences your marketing in bigger ways than you might have imagined. Join Cassandre Le, a first-gen, Vietnamese-American, immigrant living in Spain and brand content & strategist to learn how to show up in an authentic and anti-oppressive way through your marketing efforts and use social media as a way to shift conversations around change and impact.

Cassandra Le (She/They)

Cassandra Le: Cassandra Le is a first-gen, Vietnamese-American, immigrant living in Spain. She works as a Brand Strategist and Marketing Consultant and believes business and marketing can be fun and be used as tools to dismantle systems of oppression. Cassandra is the founder of The Quirky Pineapple Studio, a creative marketing and media agency for brands, businesses, and thought leaders who want to elevate their brand awareness. She is also the host of the I'm Lost, So What? podcast, sharing nuanced conversations for multicultural people living between belonging and carving their own paths. When she's not writing or marketing, you can find her searching for the best bubble tea spot in town, picking up a creative hobby, and trying to learn stick shift so she can get her Spanish driver's license!

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