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Marcelle Ciampi
Marcelle Ciampi
Summit Speaker

Autistic Author & Senior Manager of DEI at Ultranauts Inc.

Samantha Craft, M.Ed. (a.k.a. Marcelle Ciampi), a respected Autistic author, international ambassador, and inspirational community builder, is best known for her writings found in the well-received blog and book Everyday Aspergers. Craft is the Senior Manager of DEI at Ultranauts Inc., a fully remote engineering firm with an Autistic hiring initiative (featured in the New York Times), where Craft is credited for largely architecting a universal design approach to workplace inclusion. Some of her works, especially The Autistic Traits List, have been translated into multiple languages and widely shared in counseling offices around the globe. Her works have led 1000s to diagnoses. A former school teacher, Craft has corresponded directly with over 10,000 individuals on the autism spectrum and been featured in numerous articles, books, and research papers. Considered an expert in the field of neurodiversity in the workplace, by key thought leaders, her knowledge is shared through training and consultancy work at Fortune 500 companies. She serves as the founder of Spectrum Suite LLC, the Co-Founder of The Diversity with Dignity Global Roundtable, and Co-Executive of neuroguides.org. Current and past endeavors include serving as a board member or advisor with autism organizations and conferences, including the Stanford Neurodiversity Summit, Neuroclastic, and The Art of Autism. Her upcoming book, Autism in a Briefcase: Straight talk about belonging in a neurodiverse world, is based on 3000 hours of study. Craft is a proud contributor to the book Spectrum Women: Walking to the Beat of Autism and is a doctoral student in the field of organizational leadership and social justice. Recent appearances include AstraZeneca, Deloitte, Accenture, and Bank of New York Mellon. Marcelle is a dyslexic, dyspraxic, hyperlexic Autistic (diagnosed Aspergers) with gifted intellect and ADHD attributes. Two of her three adult sons are neurovariant, as is her life partner J. David Hall, the CEO of LifeGuides for Autistics. They reside joyfully ever after in the evergreen of the Pacific Northwest in North America.