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Maricela E. Alvarez
Maricela E. Alvarez
Summit Speaker

Professional Development Coach I Speaker I Doula - The Rise Journey

Maricela E. Alvarez is the founder of Mind Light Wellbeing and is a Certified Professional Development Coach with an emphasis in Life and Career Coaching. She is also a certified postpartum doula as well as a new parent educator and has faithfully served her community as such for nearly a decade. She is passionate about providing nonjudgmental support and creates a safe and calm space for her coaching clients to transform in. Maricela has expertise in providing professional career and life coaching, speaking to large groups along with facilitating classes and discussions. It is her belief, passion, and mission to support persons of all walks of life with the confidence, belief in self and the mindset necessary so that they can accomplish living their own personal mission and life purpose. She firmly believes we are all creators and have a great work to do! Maricela also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Chicano Studies with a Minor in Psychology. When Maricela is not coaching clients, she is busy being a wife, mother to four teenage boys and volunteering in her community.