Diversity reboot

Summit Speaker

Transgender & Queer Experience
Educator, Motivational Speaker, and Liberator

NiiLee is a transgender & queer experience educator, motivational speaker, and liberator. As a transwoman of color herself, she has cultivated spaces for engaging conversations surrounding the intersectionalities of being black, a woman, and trans in today’s society. To hold space to uncover unconscious cultural assumptions about gender and how they impact the understanding of the trans community is to orchestrate a haven of vulnerability in regards to lived experiences. It is to exude patience, grace, and compassion. This is what Niiya does best. She is a creative and critical thinker, an independent and collaborative educator, and an organized and meticulous manager – she knows effective communication. Currently, she is a Commercial Real Estate Property Manager managing commercial properties throughout Metro-Atlanta and Columbus, Ga. In 2020, NiiLee established her own consulting business, JeSuisNiiLee Consulting, that assists businesses and corporations of policies and procedures that encompass trans, gender non-conforming, and queer individuals in the workplace. JeSuisNiiLee Consulting also assists with educating leadership and personnel on appropriate language surrounding gender diversity and inclusion as well as highlights the importance of inclusive workplace cultures. NiiLee has been on several panels discussing topics from the trans experience to the importance of trans visibility in the workplace. She was recently a guest speaker on the Marketplace Morning Report, a program that reaches more than 7 million people on public radio stations nationwide. NiiLee attended Georgia State University and studied Psychology with a focus in Clinical Mental Health. When not orchestrating, NiiLee enjoys all things creative arts, the outdoors, traveling, and photography. NiiLeeFgrant thoroughly enjoys public speaking and connecting with new individuals.