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RECORDING: Neurodiverse Hiring Program at Cummins: Discussing the company's dedicated neurodiverse hiring and inclusion program


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RECORDING: Neurodiverse Hiring Program at Cummins: Discussing the company's dedicated neurodiverse hiring and inclusion program

Visible & Invisible Disabilities and Neurodivergence

In this inclusive virtual session, we are excited to bring together a diverse panel of experts to discuss the importance of neurodiversity in the workplace. Our Executive Director of Inclusion, along with a passionate hiring manager who advocates for the inclusion of neurodiverse individuals, will be joined by the CEO of Specialisterne, an organization dedicated to placing and supporting neurodiverse talent in jobs. During the session, our panel will delve into the topic of our Neurodiversity Hiring Program, exploring its significance and impact. They will share valuable insights on managing neurodiverse individuals, highlighting the unique perspectives and strengths they bring to the workforce. Additionally, we will have the opportunity to hear directly from the CEO of Specialisterne, who will shed light on their successful approach to supporting neurodiverse individuals and the types of assistance they provide

Dennis Heathfield

Dennis Heathfield is the Executive Director, Inclusion - People with Disabilities and Veterans at Cummins. With a strong passion for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Dennis is dedicated to ensuring that the workforce at Cummins is a true reflection of the communities in which they operate. His current role involves close collaboration with multiple organizations that specialize in the recruitment and hiring of individuals living with disabilities and veterans. Through his efforts, Dennis strives to create an inclusive work environment where everyone has equal opportunities to thrive.

Jaime Nuñez

Jaime is the Design Integrator Leader at Cummins EBU. Part of current role within the Operational Engineering Services Group is to act as the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion champion, where we are able to foster and inclusive environment for everyone to thrive and deliver to their full potential, as well as serve as an awareness leader to involve the group in all efforts regarding DE&I across the organization.

He was also part of the Specialisterne project from late 2022 to find candidates from the partnership for a role within his group; where a candidate was ultimately hired.

Radha MacCulloch

With a background in Social Work, Radha has spent much of her career working within the disability community - as a researcher, sessional lecturer, trainer and practitioner working directly with autistic children and young adults. Over the last 10 years, Radha’s work has focused on supporting businesses of all sizes and industries to build inclusive workplaces for autistic and neurodivergent individuals. Radha is CEO of Specialisterne Canada, a not-for-profit that supports employers in hiring and retaining neurodivergent talent (individuals who self-identify with autism, ADHD, learning disabilities etc.) and in building neuro-inclusive recruitment and management practices in the workplace.

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