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Film & TV Representation as a Bridge to Cross-Cultural Understanding


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Film & TV Representation as a Bridge to Cross-Cultural Understanding

Celebrating Global Asian and Pacific Islander Identities

Description: Representation is about more than being visible; it’s a powerful tool that can spark cross-cultural dialogue and relationship building. In this talk, Korean American screenwriter, creative strategist, and Asian American advocate William Yu delves into what the uptick in AAPI film and TV representation has done for the community, and what remains to be done in order to create the cross-cultural bridges that will lead to healing, safety and belonging.

Tags: representation, film & TV

William Yu

Bridget Finkeldey

William's feature romantic comedy IT WAS YOU was recently selected to the Black List - the buzzy compendium of the year’s most-liked unproduced Hollywood screenplays - and also attached Crazy Rich Asians director Jon M. Chu as a producer.
Yu's original TV half hour dramedy pilot GOOD BOY was selected for the a Sundance Episodic Makers Lab and was named to The CAPE List as a top screenplay by an AAPI writer.
He is also the creator of #StarringJohnCho, a viral project that used photoshopped movie posters to spark a global conversation about Asian American representation in media and that had a wide-ranging impact on Hollywood.
Yu brings a global perspective, with family roots stretching as far as Seoul and Jamaica. He was born in Philadelphia, raised in Hong Kong, seasoned in New York, and now resides in Los Angeles.
William Yu is repped by Manager Zack Zucker at Bellevue; Agents Halle Mariner (Features) and Danny Alexander (TV) at APA.

Zara Chaudary

Bridget Finkeldey

An experienced change maker, Zara prioritizes the disruption of harmful systems, creating and facilitating brave spaces and opportunities for individuals to explore their intersectional identities, and empowering every individual to bring their whole self to work. Utilizing a holistic approach, she excels at collaborating with key players to craft strategic vision and operationalizing strong action steps to elevate workplace culture to a healthy culture of belonging. With an extensive background in Human Resources, operations, and programming within the non-profit, education, and tech sectors, Zara keeps a focused eye on the long-term mission and ensures she infuses humor in everything she does along the way. She’s also not afraid to openly share her love for Brooklyn and donuts!

Experienced in DEI, relationship management, conflict mediation and management, coaching, Human Resources, compliance, financial and budget management, administration, and auditing.

Tags: representation, film & TV

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