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RECORDING: My Hackathon Experience: Tips to Leverage Hackathons to Propel Your Career in Tech


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RECORDING: My Hackathon Experience: Tips to Leverage Hackathons to Propel Your Career in Tech

Celebrating Global Asian and Pacific Islander Identities

These days, you don’t have to go far to stumble onto a hackathon—they are no longer the domain of only tech companies, and can offer invaluable boosts to any engineer’s career. But to unlock what a hackathon can do for you, being strategic is key. In this talk, JP Morgan Chase & Co SWE Intern Akanksha Singh shares her biggest takeaways about hackathons, from networking, to self-promotion, and more.

Akanksha Singh

Bridget Finkeldey

Akanksha is a final year Master of Computer Applications student from India. She is currently SWE Intern at JP Morgan Chase & Co. She enjoys working with Flutter and loves collaborating with other developers and designers.

In addition to app development, she enjoys attending hackathons, contributing to open-source, and learning about product management. She is also passionate about community building and mentoring students, and has led student communities at her university and mentored students at hackathons like HackHarvard, Hack4Inclusion, HackTheNorth, DubHacks, CalHacks, etc.

When Akanksha is not coding she can be found listening to 60s-70s Hindi songs while painting something or brushing up on her Japanese Vocabulary.

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