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RECORDING: Future-proofing Your Career with ChatGPT


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RECORDING: Future-proofing Your Career with ChatGPT

Beyond algorithms: AI's impact on hiring, the workplace, DEIB, and beyond

ChatGPT's impact on the future of work is significant, as it has the potential to transform the way we work and improve the quality of work across many industries. It is important for us to be adaptable and embrace AI tech and not be afraid. Our relationship with AI in general is mutually benefitting, it is symbiotic. Automation and Efficiency, Personalization, Skill Enhancement, Collaboration and Innovation are few examples of its impact on us. It can help us from Automation to Augmentation.

Madhu Sudha

Ayla Morwin

Madhu Sudha is a Self-leadership Coach, Community Builder, and the Founder of Sukham Bhava, a personal and professional development company. Madhu is a small town girl, who always had a passion for bringing people together and building strong communities. Her north star is deeply rooted in the philosophy of Ubuntu. She believes that when people come together with a shared purpose, they can accomplish incredible things. Her communities are epitome of her core values : co-creation and co-elevation. Madhu’s mission is to empower women, specifically BIPOC, immigrant and marginalized communities. She envisions an inclusive and loving future for humanity. She is doubling down on her mission with her current role at Mom Relaunch, where she is responsible for steering a community of career returners towards their professional paths and financial independence. Madhu’s strong tech background and fascination with the AI industry is boundless, she personally believes that the AI is here as an Ally to help us humans reduce redundant work thereby increasing productivity. She extensively uses chatGPT to write scripts for her Social Media videos, to write content for her training programs, and speeches for her speaking engagements. Madhu also recently conducted a chatGPT Master Class to educate members of her community to enable them to stay relevant to the future of work Madhu strongly recommends career returners to develop a Career Portfolio in lieu of Career path to not feel obsolete in the current dynamic job market. You can connect with Madhu on her LinkedIn page.

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