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RECORDING: Why Remote Employees May Be The Key To Workplace Diversity


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RECORDING: Why Remote Employees May Be The Key To Workplace Diversity

The Remote & Hybrid Office

Remote work levels the playing field for people around the world, offering the potential for true diversity. When the physical workplace becomes the digital workspace, you can hire people from very different cultures, both in rural areas and cosmopolitan hubs, who provide unique outlooks on the world. In this talk, Chase Warrington, Head of Remote at Doist, will explain how remote-first work can decentralize wealth and build stronger local communities; create space for new, innovative businesses to grow; advance what it means to be a global citizen in today’s world; support the work-life balance that is desperately lacking in so many industries; and, in doing so, help close the gender pay gap in business.

Chase Warrington

Bridget Finkeldey

Chase Warrington is the Head of Remote at Doist, a pioneer of distributed work that specializes in productivity software. Doist created the award-winning task management app Todoist, and Twist, the first team messaging app designed for async work. Collectively, Doist supports 25 million people globally to stay organized and productive. In addition to being a 2022 LinkedIn Top Voice for Remote Work, Chase is responsible for developing and executing Doist’s remote work strategy, co-located events, and advocating for the future of work on behalf of the company. He has worked remotely for over 12 years, as one of Doist’s 100 employees in 35 countries. He is a regular contributor, instructor, and consultant to many of the leading remote work organizations and publications, as well as the host of his own podcast, About Abroad.

Hunter Canning

Bridget Finkeldey Hunter Canning is a New York based performer, public speaker and events moderator. A conscience citizen of the world, his ethos is bringing people together through all the facets of life. Be it producing live performance or creating corporate recruitment content; Hunter has a passion for bringing people together to foster growth, kindness and a true understanding of each other.

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