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Robin Konie (She/Her)
Robin Konie (She/Her)
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Expert Maker

Do you have a story bursting to be told?
An idea that's ready to shine?
A message worth sharing?

Your ideas matter. Whether you're writing non-fiction or fiction, I love helping authors bring their work to life.

I specialize in Editorial Assessments, Developmental Editing, and Copy Editing. My superpower is helping writers find clarity in their work by focusing on structure, voice, and tight writing. My favorite part about working with authors is seeing their ideas come to life. Whether your writing needs a few minor tweaks or an organization overhaul, I ensure any muddy parts get cleaned up so that your ideas shine.

As a former university professor, professional copywriter, blogger, and best-selling author, I bring a wealth of experience to help you write a killer piece. I feel confident editing most genres, but I especially love working with non-fiction authors, YA, contemporary fiction, and coming-of-age novels.

Praise from writers I've worked with:

"Robin has a way of seeing things that spur inspiration. Her feedback was so helpful. She's a great writer and has a keen eye for making your copy better so that it attracts the right audience. She also has a thoughtful way of making you feel safe to share what you've written." ~ Kathryn Thompson

"I love how Robin helped me change my writing to be more emotional for the reader. I tend to be very technical, and she helped me hone into the heart of my message without losing my original intent. She turned my work into something I would love to read. Plus, she creates a safe space that makes it easy to take feedback. I am grateful for the time she took with my book and would highly recommend her." ~ Robin Chacon

"Robin is amazing. She's so down-to-earth and open with her feedback. Her suggestions are always spot-on. She was able to take what I wrote and inject connection and action into it. She trimmed off the dead-ends and made what was left more impactful. I wouldn't hesitate to work with Robin again!" ~ Gina Clark