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My Mental Health Experience as a Member of the LGBTQIA+ Community


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My Mental Health Experience as a Member of the LGBTQIA+ Community


Although being a member of the LGBTQIA+ community can be a glorious, transcendent experience, it can also be difficult to exist in a world full of systems not made for you. When things get heavy, how can you rely on practices that keep you grounded and know where to turn for support? Join Sade Giliberti, TV Presenter, Actress and Media Personality, as she delves into the unique mental health concerns of LGBTQIA+ people and how to build resilience and support systems.

Sade Giliberti

Bridget Finkeldey

Sade Giliberti is a biracial Award-Winning TV Presenter, Actress and media personality, originally from South Africa, now living in London. With almost 3 decades of Presenting experience under her belt, Sade is a well-spoken professional who is able to engage with and hold any audience. Having started her on-stage hosting career at the tender age of 13, hosting pageants, Sade has gone on to host Corporate Events, Luncheons, Team Building Days, Award Ceremonies, Festivals and so much more. Sade is always praised for her professional delivery and personality; always bringing an element of 'realness and comedy' to any event. Sade is vibey, not your average speaker, and often overlooked. But this mighty and tiny powerhouse can easily get anyone in a room to stop and listen. She's an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community as well as Mental Health Awareness and has spent the last 17 years education, communicating to communities and people all over, about the importance of both – individually and together.

As a TV Presenter, she is one of the most loved personalities hailing from South Africa, having had the nation literally grow up with her on their screens. Having worked in production since the age of 19, Sade continues to freelance in the TV and Film Industry in London. Lending her voice to many important worldly issues, Sade never shy’s away from partnering up with brands who align with her message.

Aanjel Clayton

Sanmaya Mohanty

Aanjel Clayton is a Global DEI Strategist & Trainer that creates sustainable behavioral change through human-centered strategy and empathy based coaching through crafting plans that fill the gap. She has worked in DEI for over 7 years and studied Business Administration / Human Resource Management at Western Governors University. In addition, she has a Prosci Change Management and DEI certification from Cornell. Her experience has been in various industries including; finance, education, government and startup consulting.

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