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The Art of Crafting Prompts


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The Art of Crafting Prompts

Beyond algorithms: AI's impact on hiring, the workplace, DEIB, and beyond

Struggling to make ChatGPT work for and not against you? It’s all about the prompts! When you craft the right prompts, AI produces creative and relevant content. In your tone, for your market. But what are those prompts, and how can they help you avoid cookie-cutter content? In this workshop brand storyteller Marcus Nelson reveals his secrets for crafting successful AI prompts that produce meaningful marketing content. You’ll explore: What a prompt really is… and what elements make a successful prompt, how to craft prompts that inspire creative and relevant content that meets your writing goals (and how to refine them for optimal results), and how to teach AI your writing tone & style to augment your creative potential. This session is a must for all content creators and marketers!

Marcus Nelson

Bridget Finkeldey

Marcus Nelson is an experienced brand storyteller, having worked with prominent companies such as Salesforce, Facebook, Instagram, and Box. His interest in the fusion of technology and storytelling has led him to explore the realm of AI-driven writing. He is also the creator of UserVoice, Addvocate, and his most recent project, In addition to his existing ventures, Marcus is set to release a forthcoming book titled "How to Write a Book with ChatGPT."

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