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Uncovering the Authentic Self as an Asian Public Figure


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Uncovering the Authentic Self as an Asian Public Figure

Celebrating Global Asian and Pacific Islander Identities

It’s hard enough to know who you are when the world projects racial stereotypes onto you—it’s even harder when you’re in the public eye. Christina Chong, Chinese English actress from Black Mirror and the new Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, has spent years discovering her authentic self while in the spotlight. In this talk, she’ll share how, from humble beginnings, she has dealt with rejection and career setbacks to build a career that reflects who she truly is, and how you can do the same.

Tags: career authenticity, career development

Christina Chong

Bridget Finkeldey

Christina Chong is an international television and film actress who stars in the brand-new CBS series “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds” (May 2022) alongside Anson Mount and Rebecca Romijn. As series regular ‘La'an Noonien-Singh,’ she channels her inner fighter, to win over adversity no matter what. The series will expand the iconic franchise, adding six new crew members on the USS Enterprise, alongside its familiar trio of lead characters. For Christina, the focus on equality and diversity in the Star Trek franchise very much leads back to her own personal journey in Hollywood.

Christina is the proud daughter of a Chinese father who immigrated to the UK from Hong Kong and English mother. Her tireless work ethic stems from watching her father working low wage jobs in restaurants, often jobs only immigrants would be willing to take on, and her mother staying at home raising six children. She credits her ability to succeed in the arts to her mother, when despite living in government housing and raising her family on welfare, always managed to support Christina’s dreams.

Her career has seen no bounds to what she can achieve. On the television side she can be seen in hit series such as Netflix’s “Black Mirror,” BBC America’s “Doctor Who,” Fox’s “24: Live Another Day,” “Halo: Nightfall” with Mike Colter, British crime drama “Line of Duty,” and ITV’s “Grace.”

On the film side, she stars in Blockbuster hits such as Universal Pictures’ “Johnny English Reborn,” Warner Bros.’ “Tom & Jerry: The Movie,” which was nominated for ‘The Family Movie of 2021’ award at the People’s Choice Awards, “Christmas Eve” with Cheryl Hines and Patrick Stewart, award winning independent feature “W.E.” with Oscar Isaac, and “Legacy” with Idris Elba.

Christina has spent the last decade and half, rediscovering who she is in Hollywood both personally and professionally, working with life coach Michael James. She hopes to share her story of dealing with rejection, personal development, and overcoming adversity with the world. Aside from being in front of the camera, she is writing and producing, drawing from personal experiences to create content that gives hope and inspires.

Thaida Masters

Sanmaya Mohanty

Thaida is an experienced HR Professional who is passionate about helping others to take a step closer to their career goals. She is a Budding Entrepreneur - founder of SweetAD'signz and Luxury Intimates & Cosmetics. She is also a Self-Published Author, where she writes/creates low content books such as children's activity books, journals for all ages, coloring books for all ages, puzzle books for all ages and more. Thaida can be found spending time with her family or working on a design/book and is also known as a nature lover.

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