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Ericka Spradley
Ericka Spradley
Summit Speaker

Chief PowHer Officer & Founder, Confident Career Woman

Ericka Spradley is the Chief PowHer Officer/Founder of Confident Career Woman. She believes every woman should excel at work but more importantly, that every woman should know her worth. This notion serves as a catalyst for her online career course platform as well as her latest book “Confident Career Woman: Ditch Perfection, Play Bigger and Make PowHer Moves.”

As a Career Management Strategist, she partners with companies through their Women’s ERG or BRG to ensure women are developed, retained and promoted within the walls of the organization. Ericka is equally passionate about coaching women 1:1 where she offers principles and transformational advice to help them uncover their competitive advantage in a way that maximizes their career.