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Invisible Disabilities, Neurodiversity and How to Reduce Stigma Through Leaders Sharing Their Own Journeys


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Invisible Disabilities, Neurodiversity and How to Reduce Stigma Through Leaders Sharing Their Own Journeys


1 million adults across the U.S. identify as having a disability of some kind, and about 10% of those are invisible disabilities while it is thought that about 15–20 percent of the population is neurodiverse. For this conversation, we are joined by 2U’s Elizabeth Eccleston, Program Director at 2U, and ARN Global Education Chair and Kenisha Taylor, Success Advisor at 2U and ARN Treasurer who will share their own journeys and discuss ways that businesses and society as a whole can reduce stigma around both invisible disabilities and neurodivergence.

Elizabeth Eccleston (She/Her)

Bridget Finkeldey

Elizabeth Eccleston is a passionate and driven professional with a unique combination of skills in social work and business administration. She holds an MSW from the University of Illinois at Chicago and an MBA from the University of California, Davis, which allows her to bring a holistic perspective to her work. Throughout her career, Elizabeth has held various leadership roles in the education and social work sectors. She has been with 2U, Inc. for over a decade, where she has supported social work students, trained an entire department in academic coaching, and eventually moved into program management. In her current role, she builds relationships with university partners and oversees program strategy, growth, and success. Prior to joining 2U, Elizabeth worked as a domestic violence counselor and a case manager for unhoused youths. She also dedicated four years as a lead volunteer at Transforming Family, where she provided care and support to transgender-identified children and their siblings. Additionally, she co-founded Trans Folx Fighting Eating Disorders (T-FFED), offering clinical trainings for professionals and support to gender diverse individuals in the field of eating disorder recovery. While advancing her career, Elizabeth managed her own invisible disabilities related to mental health, and received a late-in-life ADHD diagnosis. Committed to the idea that all colleagues should be supported and accommodated to bring their whole selves to work, she joined the 2U Ability Resource Network. As the Global Education Chair, she has contributed to building resource guides, moderating panel discussions, and developing a training program for managers to better support employees with mental health challenges, neurodivergence, or disabilities in the workplace. Elizabeth strongly believes in using her own privilege and professional credibility to normalize and destigmatize struggles with mental health and neurodivergence by openly sharing her personal experiences at work.

Kenisha Taylor (She/Her)

Bridget Finkeldey

Kenisha Taylor (She/Her/Hers), a Success Advisor at 2U, lives by the motto: “Be the change you wish to see in the world”-Ghandi. She is grounded in always seeking to be a part of the creation of community spaces where people of all backgrounds can flourish. Her passion for adult education and community engagement has led her through multiple levels in the nonprofit industry before starting her own nonprofit, Life’s Fullness, inc. Life’s Fullness’ is committed to providing conferences centered on growth and community engagement to impact how women and girls develop spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being. Navigating her own diagnosis with Linear Scleroderma, Kenisha’s work with St. Coletta of Greater Washington, Academy of Hope Public Charter School and the Washington Literacy Center in Washington, DC inspires her continual pursuit of a culture of equity in educational and professional spaces for minority, low-income and/or individuals with disabilities. As a leader in education, nonprofits, and technology, Kenisha Taylor delivers high-quality support to adults in educational environments at scale. Currently, she serves as the Treasurer of the Ability Resource Network (ARN) at 2U, collaborating with other members of the leadership to magnify and advocate for the needs of employees with diverse abilities globally, while providing educational and supportive resources and events. Kenisha received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Frostburg State University and Masters in Administration from Trinity Washington University.

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