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Shona Louise
Shona Louise
Summit Speaker

LGBTQ+ Disabled Freelance Writer, Photographer, Accessibility Consultant and Activist

Shona Louise is a 24 year old LGBTQ+ and disabled freelance writer, photographer, accessibility consultant and activist from the UK. She has written her own blog for over 10 years where she speaks candidly about disability, and her writing has featured across print and digital media, as well as being featured in multiple books. Shona regularly speaks out about accessibility, particularly within the theatre industry where she works as an access consultant advising on best practice and how we can better serve disabled people. Shona is also a vocal LGBTQ+ activist, often sharing her experience as a queer disabled woman. In her spare time she also runs a small business selling crocheted keyrings. Shona lives with a genetic condition called Marfan Syndrome, having gone through 4 major surgeries to manage the condition. She uses a powerchair to get around and is a big advocate for access to wheelchairs.