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How To Create A Diversity Scorecard For Your Organization

Regardless of whether or not your company publishes their diversity numbers, someone should be keeping track of the progress an organization is making (good or bad). This raises a lot of questions - including how should we identify current employees, what metrics really matter, and what does success looks like? All of these questions (and more!) will be answered in this live Q&A! You asked,...

Real Estate Success - Getting In And Growing With The Industry

The housing market is always changing - but starting a career in real estate could open countless doors that you may have never dreamed of. Loftey, a NYC startup, is shaking up the traditional ways of renting apartments in NYC, and we're excited to chat with one of their top agents, Rachel Cook! Ask Rachel anything in this hour-long live Q&A! You asked, she's answering: How did you get started...

*LIVE* Interview Coaching With PowerToFly's Career Coach 3/21

Do you want to ace your next interview? Join this free interview coaching session with our Career Coach, Heather Coll, to learn the expert tips you need to succeed! One lucky attendee will score a free session during the call, LIVE with Heather! How can I get chosen!? Register for this chat Email your resume and ONE JOB LISTING you're interested in applying for, to Heather@powertofly.com by...

Taking Your Marketing Skills Outside Work To Hone Your Passion Project

Do you have a project outside of work that you're extremely passionate about, but can't find the time to devote towards marketing it? Asya Bashina, Growth Marketer and Business Developer has been in your shoes, and has the skills to take your passion project to the next level! Join this hour-long live chat and learn the marketing techniques you need to make your dreams a reality! You asked,...

Supporting, Inspiring, and Engaging Your Customers

Community building is an essential piece of every business. How you communicate with your customers, gather feedback, and execute ideas can make or break a business. Erin Petree has spent years optimizing community relations for different businesses and is joining us for a live Q&A to help you understand how you can better support, inspire and engage your customers! You asked, she's answering:...

How To Turn Data Into Profits

Data is becoming a key business asset - crucial to revenue growth, business development, marketing and so much more. How can companies better utilize data without getting left behind? Join our live Q&A with Dr. Denise Daniels, a behavioral data scientist and VP of Data Science & AI Consulting for Horizon Consumer Science to find out! You asked, she's answering: What technologies do you foresee...

The Importance Of Emotional Intelligence At Work

Showing "emotion" at work has always been considered taboo. However, recent studies show that with higher emotional intelligence (EQ) in the workplace, one can expect greater and faster career progression - and better business decisions too! So what is emotional intelligence and why is it important? Find out in this virtual Q&A with Emilia D'Anzica, partner at Winning By Design! MEET THE...

*LIVE* Data Hour 4/4

Are you working on a technical project and could use some help? Is your data just not making sense and you'd love a second opinion? Does your code have you seeing stars? Join our virtual data hour and bring all of your tricky questions - we'll work through the answers together! Barbara is an expert in: Excel Tableau Qlik Python R JavaScript SQL MEET THE SPEAKER: Barbara is a data analytics...

Shaping the Next Generation of Women in Tech

In the U.S., there will be 1.4 million CS-related jobs by 2020, yet U.S. college graduates are expected to fill less than a third of those jobs. How can you help shape the next generation of technologists? Learn all about mentorship, developing CS programs and what you can do to support more women in tech during this Q&A with women leaders and volunteers of Microsoft Philanthropies TEALS...

Challenges Faced By Marketers And How To Solve Them

If you're looking to craft a 360 degree marketing strategy, it can be difficult deciding which channels you should be utilizing to get the best bang for your buck. In this hour-long live Q&A, we're talking all things marketing strategy - join us and ask an expert how to tackle the challenges your organization is facing! You asked, she's answering: Where is the first place you recommend...

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Harnessing The Power Of Customer Success
Harnessing The Power Of Customer Success

97% of Scout RFP customers see 10x+ ROI within the first year of using Scout — and 89% of Scout users launch their first event within a week. How does Scout RFP maintain such a high customer success rate? It all comes down to making their customers happy, something Allison Yount, Head of Customer Success is very familiar with! Join Allison Yount and Michelle Barberini, a Sales Recruiter, for a live Q&A about developing a successful customer success strategy and learn all about new opportunities at Scout RFP! Scout RFP is hiring! Make sure to check out all of their open opportunities here, and bring your questions to this chat! You asked, their answering: What are the top three things you feel have contributed to your success? What's the biggest blocker you've ever faced? How did you overcome it? What's a tip that all Customer Success Managers should be doing, but probably arent?& More! MEET THE SPEAKERS: Allison Yount is the Director of Customer Success at Scout RFP, and joined Scout over 4 years ago as one of the first 10 employees. She started her career in Elementary Education and eventually moved into sales to capitalize on her entrepreneurial spirit. She loves working with customers to realize ROI and employ industry best practices. Outside of work, Allison loves to spend time outdoors with her family and golden retriever Walter. Michelle Barberini is a Sales Recruiter for Scout RFP. She has a 15+ year career in recruiting. Prior to Scout, she was the Head of Recruiting for a direct sales company and a Recruiter for Salesforce for several years. Michelle enjoys working closely with Hiring Managers to ensure a smooth recruiting process and to help find the best talent for Scout! In her free time, she enjoys it by spending time with her three boys and husband on the SF Peninsula.

Seeking Diverse Ideas From Your Team: How To Do It
Seeking Diverse Ideas From Your Team: How To Do It

In order to foster more diverse and inclusive workplaces, we need to expose ourselves to different viewpoints and look out for red-flags within our teams that show limited-thinking. In this live Q&A, Sheana Alqvist is helping us to seek more diverse thoughts within our teams and grow from within! You asked, she's answering: How do I get my team to think more "outside the box"? What are the red-flags that show limited-thinking? My team is not very diverse, and we're working on that - but how can we bring more diversity into our product before these diverse candidates are onboard? & more! MEET THE SPEAKER: Sheana Ahlqvist has a PhD in Social Psychology and hosts the Innovation For All podcast where she showcases thought leaders at the intersection of innovation/tech and diversity/society. She is the principal consultant at PhD Insights, a user research firm based in Los Angeles, CA. The Innovation For All podcast is available on iTunes and all other podcasting platforms. For more information, click here!

Conflict Resolution 101
Conflict Resolution 101

Avoiding conflict does not mean conflict is resolved. The ability to address tough situations head-on and communicate effectively will not only make you a better coworker, but could lead to both personal and professional growth. Learn everything you need to know about resolving conflict in this live Q&A with Sharon Ray, Chief People Officer at Solstice! In this chat, you'll also have the opportunity to ask Sharon about how to start a career at Solstice! You asked, she's answering: What steps should I be taking to resolve conflicts at work? I feel like my team is always combatting my ideas - how do I address this? As a manager, how can I help my team address conflict better? & more! MEET THE SPEAKER: Sharon Ray has been in Human Resources for over 25 years. She has spent time in large organizations such as Kraft Foods for 15 years and small to medium technology companies in the last 11 years. Currently she is serving as the Chief People Officer at Solstice. ABOUT SOLSTICE Solstice, part of Kin + Carta, is a digital innovation firm that helps Fortune 500 companies seize new opportunities through world-changing digital solutions. We’re strategists, researchers, designers, and engineers hell-bent on changing the way the world does business. We’re headquartered in Chicago and have delivery offices in New York, London, and Buenos Aires. Click here to follow Solstice on PowerToFly and apply to open opportunities!

Using The "I" In D&I To Attract & Retain Top Talent
Using The "I" In D&I; To Attract & Retain Top Talent

In order to attract and retain top talent, hiring leaders need to go where the diverse candidates are, know exactly what these over-messaged candidates want, and execute! Learn how you can take your organization’s D&I strategy to the next level in this hour-long live Q&A session with PowerToFly’s own Dionna Smith-Keels! You asked, she’s answering: How can I ensure the interview process is designed to be inclusive? What does active vs. passive nurturing of pipeline mean? Can you give an example of active and passive candidate nurturing methods?Isn't it more than just a diversity hiring campaign? Shouldn't companies focus as much, if not more, on inclusion? Also, shouldn't a company show they're in it for the long haul by being in the URM community? MEET THE SPEAKER:Dionna Smith is an enterprise account executive with Power to Fly, where she provides D&I solutions for companies with more than 10,000 employees. Prior to joining Power To Fly Dionna led Diversity Talent strategies at Delta Air Lines and has led Talent Acquisition at a number of fortune 500 companies.

Redefining Identities in Data Analytics
Redefining Identities in Data Analytics

The way we analyze data is culturally outdated. How do we update our technologies to meet a growingly diverse population? Join Niyoosha Ahmadikhoo for a discussion on how we can modernize our processes to stay relevant in the changing times. You asked, she’s answering: What data needs redefining? In which industries is this especially relevant? How can you structure your data so it stays relevant 5, 10 years down the line?& More! MEET THE SPEAKER: Niyoosha Ahmadikhoo identifies as a multipotentialite; she is a data analyst, an engineer, a performer, and a theatre instructor. Through her research as a graduate student in the department of Performance Studies at NYU Tisch School of the Arts, she focused on the complexity of politicized identity, particularly gender, race, nationality, and religion. She is interested in bridging the gap between scholarly developments in academic humanities and the data industry. You can reach out to her at nak392@nyu.edu.

The Hidden Secrets of Negotiation
The Hidden Secrets of Negotiation

Negotiation laws are changing - are you prepared for your next negotiation? Join Nicole Page, Partner at top NYC law firm, Reavis Page Jump LLP, for an exclusive virtual Q&A to answer all of your pressing negotiation questions (that only a lawyer could answer!). You asked, she's answering: What has changed, in legal terms, for negotiation?What is considered "in writing" when negotiating? Emails? Screenshots?How am I protected as a negotiator? & more! MEET THE SPEAKER: In her employment practice, Ms. Page assists both individuals and companies on a range of matters, including workplace discrimination and sexual harassment claims at the state and federal level. She counsels clients on employment opportunities, negotiation strategies and equitable compensation packages. She also advises on and negotiates employment and separation agreements and provides outside general counsel services, particularly concerning employment law compliance. The #MeToo movement has had a profound effect on her practice and her committed advocacy for women. Ms. Page’s extensive intellectual property practice includes copyright and trademark protection and prosecution, as well as advice on branding and licensing matters in the worlds of media, fashion, lifestyle and sports.Ms. Page is admitted to practice in New York and the United States District Courts for the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York. Ms. Page is proud to serve as President of the Board of Women Make Movies.

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