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Introverted & Influential: Unleashing the Power of Your Team’s Introverts


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Introverted & Influential: Unleashing the Power of Your Team’s Introverts


Introversion is not a flaw to fix or an obstacle to overcome. It's an invitation to live deeply and impact greatly. Leaders often overlook the authority, wisdom, and expertise of the internal processors, including those who may be neurodiverse. Yet, when leaders invest in their introverted team members, it generates immeasurable impact and influence that benefits all in big and small ways. In a fun and enlightening session, motivational speaker and author Jacqueline Shaulis will break down the A.W.E. Approach used by superstar introverts Beyoncé, Mellody Hobson, and Stacey Abrams to embrace their AWESOME while honoring their introversion, and walk through how leaders can bring out the best in their employees and partners.

Jacqueline Shaulis

Bridget Finkeldey

“Introversion is not a flaw to fix or an obstacle to overcome. It's an invitation to live deeply and impact greatly." 'The Excitable Introvert' Jacqueline Shaulis guides introverted women of color to get seen, heard, and respected by embracing their AWESOME! As an intersectional introvert™, Jacqueline navigated a challenging upbringing of suicide ideation, abuse, and eating disorder to become an international speaker, global bestselling author, and advisor to Fortune 500 executives...all while honoring her introversion. She’s shared her Embrace your AWESOME™ message on stages in nearly 20 countries for Fortune 500 corporations, notable organizations, and educational institutions, and has been featured in numerous media outlets, including Forbes, TODAY Show, Doctor Oz, The Washington Post, The Independent, TEDx, and International Business Times. Jacqueline is the founder & principal of Awesome Enterprises LLC, executive director of National Center for Intersectional Studies, and creator of the Mistress of Her Domain series. When not globetrotting with coffee in hand or loudly singing tune-adjacent at home, you can find Jacqueline getting lost in a good (audio)book or hugging her son, his nine cousins, or the nearest tree. Need a dose of AWESOME? Jacqueline is eager to share her communication and personal leadership expertise, insights, and shenaniGEMS with your community. You can discover more curiosities about Jacqueline and the power of AWESOME at and across the socialverse @JKShaulis.

Hunter Canning

Bridget Finkeldey

Hunter Canning is a New York based actor, puppeteer, producer and photographer. A conscience citizen of the world, his ethos is bringing people together through all the facets of his life. Be it producing live performance downtown, creating corporate recruitment content or photographing portraiture, red carpets and live events; Hunter has a passion for bringing people together to foster growth, kindness and a true understanding of each other.

Raised in the outer canyons of Los Angeles, Hunter has been a professional actor in New York for the past decade. Notable credits include Broadway’s War Horse (Lincoln Center), Blue Bloods (CBS), The Baker & The Beauty (ABC) and Ray Donovan (Showtime). A career that has seen dizzying heights, all the while remaining with his two feet on the ground.

It is with great pleasure that Hunter joins the Power To Fly community to host and mediate its forums. He looks forward to meeting you all and connecting you with the amazing team of professionals they have brought together.

Find Hunter at or and on Instagram and LinkedIn @huntercanning

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