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RECORDING: Prioritizing Mental Health For Engineers And Tech Career Aspirants


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RECORDING: Prioritizing Mental Health For Engineers And Tech Career Aspirants

Tech in India: A Celebration

Debugging your code can seem much easier than debugging your mental health; however, in a global village waking up to the fact that mental health and wellness impact performance, caring for one’s mental health can be simpler if you have the right tools. In this talk, Dr. Amit Neogi, Assistant Professor of Physics at LNM Institute of Information Technology, explains why he started a Center for Wellness and Positive Health at the institute, how you can find the support you need to care for your mental health, and how tech companies can effectively support the mental health and wellness of their people.

Dr. Amit Neogi

Bridget Finkeldey

Dr Neogi has been working as an Assistant Professor of Physics in an IT Engineering Institute started by steel King Mr L N Mittal in 2003, The LNM Institute of Information Technology, Jaipur in short The LNMIIT. He has been taking courses in mechanics, optics, Biomedical Engineering, mental health etc. Though he is passionate in teaching Physics and other allied subjects he is keen in interacting with young students outside the classroom. He started a students’ club along with his students long before in 2004 in LNMIIT. The purpose of Sankalp was to help young students understand life in its totality and bring values into the life of an individual. The Sankalp members are involved in various social service activities throughout the year, like teaching of mess workers, teaching children in nearby villages, distributing winter clothes to street dwellers, orphanages, visiting children in slums etc. Dr Neogi has served twice as Chief Warden in LNMIIT. Because of his closeness with students, presently he is the first Center Lead of a center dedicated for mental health known as Center for Wellness and Positive Health. He is highly interested about alternative health and has been engaged in a project to bring all major therapies and clinics in one place so that a confused patient may get his answer in one single place.

Earlier Dr Neogi has been educated from IIT Kanpur. He did his Five Year Integrated Physics from IIT Kanpur followed by PhD in Physics from 1986 – 1999, a span of thirteen years. He has worked in BITS Pilani from 1999-2000 as lecturer and in IIT Jodhpur from 2009-10 as visiting faculty of Physics. In between he was also a post-doctoral fellow in Dublin City University (2001- 2002) and Trinity College Dublin from (2004 – 2005).

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