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RECORDING: Srujna: Unlocking the Power of Indian Women


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RECORDING: Srujna: Unlocking the Power of Indian Women

Career Connections 2023: Where Talent Meets Opportunity

Srujna is empowering women from low-income communities across India. Learn more about how they are adapting in challenging times from handicrafts to a digital literacy model. We sit down in a 1:1 discussion with social-entrepreneur, Jyotika Bhatia, Co-founder and CEO, Srujna Charitable Trust.

Jyotika Bhatia (She/Her)

Bridget Finkeldey

Jyotika is a passionate social entrepreneur working in the development sector for 13+ years. Her academic background is in social entrepreneurship, and she is an avid learner who continuously studies to upgrade her knowledge of the development courses.

She strongly believes in investing in women at the grassroots level, as she sees them as capable of transforming the communities. Her love for travel and social work leads her to undertake community immersions to learn more about cultures, daily life, and struggles of women in different parts of India.

Her vision is to speak at the UN one day, sharing inspiring, powerful stories of women changemakers and the changed status of women in India's workforce participation.

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