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The Bigger Picture of DEI


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The Bigger Picture of DEI

The Future Of Work - The Remote and Hybrid Office

DEI is about more than just the optics of a company website—it must be embedded into our economic, social, and political systems in order to solve the world’s biggest problems. Join James Felton Keith, award-winning engineer, economist, and the CEO of InclusionScore, as he explains the bigger picture of DEI, how the future of work ties into that picture, and how meaningful inclusion has the power to transform the world.

James Felton Keith

Bridget Finkeldey

James Felton Keith, is an award-winning engineer and economist who was the first Black LGBTQ person to run for US Congress. He currently lectures on Inclusion at the University of Georgia's Terry College of Business. As an activist, his Data Unions redefined the labor movement and personal-data as the natural resource driving all corporate productivity. As an entrepreneur, he established the first international diversity & inclusion certification and the first insurance policy for a lack-of-inclusion based on an "inclusion score". As an author, his bio-political philosophy, Inclusionism, is at the forefront of International Relations and Human Rights diplomacy.

JFK has incubated the data industry via his founding of Data Unions and Personal Data Week conferences. He co-founded and edits the Ethics of Personal Data Collection series at Anthem Press. He and his institutions have either written or consulted on all of the seminal global cyber policy of the 2010s. He has founded multiple companies across the Non-Profit InsurTech FinTech and AdTech sectors. Most notably: Slay TV, LGBT Chambers, and His expertise is in the ethnography of technology, or the study of the culture of tech. Over the past 20 years between 4 continents, he has been obsessing about economic inclusion, and how to get equity in the hands of the people who have increasingly less, while the world becomes more productive from their input.

Working between government and business he regularly says “it’s necessary to have the mind of a CEO and the heart of a Social Worker to solve real people's problems”. His career transitioned after founding Detroit’s LGBT Chamber of Commerce and the "Pride Nights" at the four Big Box American sports franchises: NBA, NHL, MLB, & NFL. James has been appointed to the cabinet of Elected Officials, taken over for and advised CEOs, Academics, Governments, and Non-profiteers. James is an elected member of the New York Democratic Committee and is a frequent keynote at global venues like the United Nations, Future Tech Congress, Data Protection World Forum, and the World Pride Human Rights Forum to name a few.

Zara Chaudary

Bridget Finkeldey

An experienced change maker, Zara prioritizes the disruption of harmful systems, creating and facilitating brave spaces and opportunities for individuals to explore their intersectional identities, and empowering every individual to bring their whole self to work. Utilizing a holistic approach, she excels at collaborating with key players to craft strategic vision and operationalizing strong action steps to elevate workplace culture to a healthy culture of belonging. With an extensive background in Human Resources, operations, and programming within the non-profit, education, and tech sectors, Zara keeps a focused eye on the long-term mission and ensures she infuses humor in everything she does along the way. She’s also not afraid to openly share her love for Brooklyn and donuts!

Experienced in DEI, relationship management, conflict mediation and management, coaching, Human Resources, compliance, financial and budget management, administration, and auditing.

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