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The Follow Through: How to Act on Your Goals with Claire Wasserman, Founder of Ladies Get Paid


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The Follow Through: How to Act on Your Goals with Claire Wasserman, Founder of Ladies Get Paid

Whats Working, What’s Needed

We’ve all done it. We get a great idea, or clarity on what we want, or even a tantalizing vision…and then lose steam before we can even open a Google Doc. Why does this inertia happen, and what can we do about it? Join (moderator name) in conversation with Claire Wasserman, Educator, Author and Founder of Ladies Get Paid, a global community helping women obtain professional and financial advancement. Claire will talk about how to convert your goals into reality by nailing your follow through.

Claire Wasserman

Bridget Finkeldey

Claire Wasserman is an educator, author, and founder of Ladies Get Paid, a global community that champions the professional and financial advancement of women. She is also the producer and host of John Hancock’s podcast, “Friends Who Talk About Money”. Claire has traveled the country teaching thousands of women how to negotiate millions of dollars in raises, start businesses, and advocate for themselves in the workplace. Claire was named one of Entrepreneur Magazine's 100 Most Powerful Women and is a highly-sought-after expert for Fortune 500 companies working to improve diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging within their organizations.

Amy Trappey

Bridget Finkeldey

Amy Trappey is the Head of Customer Success at PowerToFly-the fastest growing diversity recruiting platform connecting women with Fortune 500 corporations and fast-growing startups. Amy manages a distributed team of 30 and together they combat gender disparity on a worldwide level through innovative HR solutions. Amy truly took advantage of the benefits the remote lifestyle has to offer and traveled to 20 countries over the past year, but has now settled in New York City where she resides with her dog, Biggie.

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