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Working Remotely Was No Help At All


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Working Remotely Was No Help At All

Destigmatized: Visible and invisible Disabilities and Neurodivergence

The WFH revolution, brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, has been a boon to some, and devastating for others, including some neurodiverse folks. In this talk, Holly Mosley Cooper, author and podcast producer, explains how some neurodiverse professionals have been left behind in this revolution, sharing her own story and offering tips for how leaders can better support their neurodiverse employees in remote and hybrid environments.Talks about: neurodiversity, remote & hybrid work

Holly Mosley Cooper, MBA

Bridget Finkeldey

Holly Mosley Cooper, MBA is one of a “rare breed,” a native Floridian. She was born here in Orlando, FL, where she still resides, and educated in the Orange County Public Schools. She holds several degrees primarily focused on technical communication, health care, paralegal studies, and business management, administration and information technology. She is an alumnus of Florida A & M University, the University of Central Florida, Everest University and Rollins College!

Ms. Cooper has spent her career, over 30 years, as a non-profit administrator. Ms. Cooper is currently serving as the Executive Director at Hi-Tech Tutoring Center, Inc. since the passing of Mrs. Ernestine Mosley, the founder, in 2019. Ms. Cooper has written and published 5 books and several blogs.

She has three children. She does not distinguish or separate them by the mere fact that two of them are not her “biological” offspring. According to Ms. Cooper, “They are all my children. I love them all equally.” She is raising her youngest son alone. This is particularly challenging for her because when he was eight, he was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome now referred to as autism spectrum disorder. Through the process of getting his diagnosis, she has determined that she also has Asperger’s Syndrome.

Ms. Cooper says, “I love to write, and I feel it would be terribly selfish of me not to share my talent with others. God has blessed me with this wonderful ability and I am tremendously grateful every day for it!”

Aida Martinez Freeman

Ayla Morwin

DEI Strategist & Speaker | Certified Personal & Executive Coach | Workplace Culture of Inclusion Geek | Big Fan of Mid-Managers | Inclusive Leadership Enthusiast

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