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Generate a large top of funnel with diverse candidates while reducing time to hire.

  • Streamline your diversity recruitment process with one simplified tool and dashboard
  • Showcase your company’s commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging DEIB with tangible funnel analytics metrics
  • Empower employees with optimized hiring workflows that eliminate unconscious bias while tracking candidate progress
  • Strengthen your employer brand within the diverse communities you’re looking to target

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Product features

  • Insights Dashboard
  • Events
  • Company Page
  • Unconscious Bias Toolkit

Add-on services

  • Diversity Reboot Summit sponsorship
  • Chat & Learns
  • Blogs & videos

Products & features: PowerPro

PowerPro is our all-in-one talent attraction, acquisition and nurturing platform that allows you to build a company profile on PowerToFly where you can tell your DEIB story, showcase your open roles, share fresh content and upcoming events.

It also enables you to search PowerToFly's community of diverse talent for your open roles, track your team's outreach and recruitment progress through our Insights Dashboard. Analyze how well your company page and listed jobs are performing through dedicated Job and Company Page Insights pages.

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Insights Dashboard

Insights Dashboard

Track and analyze your brand awareness and employer branding initiatives through our Insights Dashboard which utilizes a dynamic candidate funnel monitoring system.

The dashboard offers a centralized view of your complete candidate funnel with customizable reports, live data integration, and performance benchmarking, empowering you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your audience attraction strategies.

Participating in virtual PowerToFly events


Strengthen your employer brand and connect with diverse candidates who share your organization’s values by participating in PowerToFly events. Available both virtually and in-person, our events enable you to reach a broad and diverse audience, regardless of location.

Showcase your company’s culture and values through live presentations and speaking engagements. Take advantage of our interactive features, including Q&A sessions, live chats, and networking opportunities, to create strong connections and deeply engage with your audience

Company Page

Company Page

Showcase your company’s mission and culture, highlight your commitment to DEIB initiatives and promote your open roles through our revamped Company Page and share curated and customized content created by PowerToFly’s team.

Unconscious Bias Toolkit

Unconscious Bias Toolkit

Attract candidates from underrepresented backgrounds and diverse talent networks by mitigating unconscious bias during your job posting process.

Our pre-made, diversity friendly job templates are designed to help you send a clear message to potential candidates that your organization values diversity and seeks to create an inclusive workplace.


Not every company has a large budget for employer branding campaigns, especially those aimed at engaging diverse audiences. By partnering with PowerToFly, you benefit from our established relationships with various underrepresented groups who trust that we prioritize their best interests. With our customizable packages of products and services, we assist companies like yours in attracting the candidates you want in your applicant funnel—and inspire them to apply.

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Summit sponsorship

Diversity Reboot Summit Sponsorship

Showcase your commitment to DEIB and enhance your company’s visibility among a diverse audience, including job seekers, professionals, and thought leaders from various backgrounds.

Sponsoring a Diversity Reboot Summit not only increases your exposure but also offers ample opportunities for networking and building relationships. Engage with diverse professionals through panel discussions, workshops, and networking sessions, and make meaningful connections that can enrich your organization.

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Chat & Learns

Establish your organization as a champion of diversity by hosting Chat & Learns. Designed to create inclusive and accessible engagement opportunities, these events are tailored to connect employees from diverse backgrounds and various locations. Each session promotes an inclusive platform for dialogue, encourages interactive discussions, and offers networking opportunities, enabling participants to actively engage and forge valuable relationships with one another.

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Content that connects

Engage and inspire your audience with our carefully crafted blogs and videos that showcase your company’s culture, values, and initiatives. Our skilled content production team utilizes their storytelling expertise and a deep understanding of DEIB principles to create impactful media. Each blog post and video is designed to educate, spark conversations, and drive positive change, ensuring your message resonates deeply and leaves a lasting impression on your audience

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