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RECORDING: 13 Ways to Survive Autistic Burnout


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RECORDING: 13 Ways to Survive Autistic Burnout

Visible & Invisible Disabilities and Neurodivergence

Autistic burnout is a real and debilitating experience. It can be difficult to recover from, especially if you don't have a strong support system. If you are in this situation, then Nicole Igarashi has some tips to help you survive.

Nicole Igarashi (She/Her)

The Autistic Burnout is Nicole Igarashi, a 45-year-old autistic woman who has had a successful career as an entrepreneur. She has opened a restaurant, launched a food truck, and won awards for her work. However, she also experienced a lot of trauma in her life, and is diagnosed with CPTSD. When she received her autism diagnoses she began to advocate for other autistic adults. She now offers a free peer support group for autistic adults and provides individual coaching sessions. She is passionate about helping other autistic adults who are struggling with burnout, anxiety, and trauma.

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