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Aileah Olds
Aileah Olds
Summit Speaker

Solutions Architect at Workiva

Aileah grew up in Durham North Carolina, shortly after she and her family relocated from Newark New Jersey. After high school, she attended and graduated from Winston-Salem State University where she studied English and HR Management and went on to have a 9-year-long career in Human Resources and Project Management in the public sector and healthcare. Feeling like she reached a peak in her career, she decided to make a career pivot and after doing a lot of upskilling she decided to make a career transition and is now a Solutions Architect with Workiva, a Fortune 100 software company based out of Ames Iowa.

Over the course of her career, she has created a training program that has been awarded $1.4 M and implemented software that has helped many peers successfully transition careers. She now hosts a live series on Linkedin that highlights professionals from unconventional backgrounds who have successfully broken into the tech industry and offers events and services to help other industry pivoters achieve the same results.

Aileah leans on her expertise in designing and leading paid training programs for large corporations to attract, train and retain talent to now help others who wish to break into the tech industry as well. She is passionate about anti-gatekeeping, integrity, mental health awareness, and career advancement and is proud to have joined a company that shares many of those same values.