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Bree Fram (She/Her)
Bree Fram (She/Her)
Summit Speaker

USSF Lt Col, Astronautical Engineer, Author, D&I Speaker, President of SPARTA

Bree Fram (she/her) is an active duty lieutenant colonel and astronautical engineer in the United States Space Force. She is also the President of SPARTA, a non-profit that advocates and educates about transgender military service and is dedicated to the support and professional development of over 1500 transgender service members. Bree is also a member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics’ Diversity Working group and develops programming to increase diverse representation in STEM and aerospace.

Bree is assigned to the Pentagon to lead space acquisition policy development for the Department of the Air Force. Prior to recommissioning into the Space Force in 2021, she served 18 years in a variety of Air Force positions including a Research and Development command position and an oversight role for all Air Force security cooperation activity with Iraq, and deployed to Qatar and Iraq as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Bree came out publicly on the day the transgender ban in the military was dropped in 2016. She served through the re-imposition of a transgender military ban from 2019-2021. She is currently one of the highest ranking out transgender officers in the United States military.

Bree has appeared on ABC and NBC Nightly news, PBS News Hour, NPR’s All Things Considered, Morning Edition, and 1A. She’s a featured speaker on leadership, diversity and inclusion at Fortune 500 corporations, universities, and government organizations. Bree is a member of the State Department’s US Speaker program which connects foreign audiences with American experts on topics of strategic importance to the United States.

Bree is the co-editor of the book With Honor and Integrity: Transgender Troops in Their Own Words from NYU press.

Bree has been married for 17 years to Peg Fram and they have two girls, aged 13 and 9.