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Bridget Schiffler (She/Her)
Bridget Schiffler (She/Her)
Summit Speaker

Sr. Game UX Designer

Bridget Schiffler (she/her) is a transfem nonbinary lesbian, Sr.

Game UX Designer in Riot Games R&D division, and avid lover of brunch, D&D, and eating brunch while playing D&D. She is also one of the Strike Team Leads of Riot's RAD Genders RIG (Riot Inclusion Group), focusing on making events celebrating Trans & NB Rioters, game creators, and stories. Previously, she led narrative & experience design efforts on the project Amazon Explore in Amazon's Grand Challenge moonshot R&D initiative; ran a yearlong games and animation residency called Broom Cupboard Studios; and has written her own queer lil games and stories for herself since time immemorial