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Christopher DeJesus
Christopher DeJesus
Summit Speaker

NASA ISS Flight Controller & Instructor

Christopher DeJesus currently works for NASA as an International Space Station (ISS) flight controller and instructor supporting and executing 24/7 real-time operations with hundreds of real-time hours and execution of thousands of ISS commands since 2018. He is responsible for managing the ISS solar arrays, rotating joints, batteries, External Thermal Control System (ETCS), and power distribution systems from Houston Mission Control Center. Christopher has critical involvement in the development, implementation, modification, testing, validation, and troubleshooting of spacecraft hardware and subsystems. He plans, supports, and executes real-time missions including nominal orbital operations, Visiting Vehicle rendezvous and docking, Extra-Vehicular Activities (EVA), and contingency safing for hardware/software failure troubleshooting and recovery.

Prior to NASA, Christopher was hired by the State Department in 2016, serving as manager/instructor for the Overseas Training Branch (OTB) to train diplomats, Ambassadors, and other government employees on hostage and personnel recovery tactics, techniques, and procedures prior to departing to overseas posts.

From 2007-2016, Christopher served in the United States Military as an Air Force Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) Specialist. He was stationed at Fairchild AFB, Washington, where he served as lead trainer, group lead, and multiple instructional roles. Christopher was then stationed at Andrews AFB, Maryland serving as the Program Manager for all SERE related activities at the Presidential Airlift and the surrounding areas, where he worked closely with a multitude of federal and state agencies at all differing levels within the government.

Christopher is originally from Talkeetna, Alaska where he enjoys the great outdoors, hiking, fishing, camping, primitive survival, and more. He also likes scuba diving, sky diving, and traveling throughout the world.