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Cynthia Fortlage (She/Her)
Cynthia Fortlage (She/Her)
Summit Speaker

Gender Diversity Speaker, Writer & Consultant

I am Cynthia Fortlage, an award-winning leader with over 25 years of experience in senior leadership positions across IT and marketing. I have a unique perspective on tackling the complexities of gender diversity, which I believe lies at the intersection of human rights, sexuality, gender, and privilege.

I currently serve on the board of Outright International, a global LGBTIQ human rights organisation and UN Secretariat for LGBTIQ issues. Through my board roles, I have passionately advocated for the rights and well-being of individuals from diverse gender identities and expressions.

My mission is to create safe spaces where everyone feels they belong. I firmly believe everyone deserves to be treated with unwavering dignity and respect, irrespective of gender identity or expression.

As a certified mentor and a seasoned expert in diversity and inclusion, I possess an in-depth understanding of the challenges organisations face. I have collaborated with over 400 organisations of all sizes in over 30 countries, assisting them in cultivating inclusive and welcoming workplaces.

With a unique lens of two genders of experience, I offer insights and guidance to navigate gender diversity challenges effectively.

Driven by a desire for a just and equitable world, I believe gender equality is paramount. Together, let's shatter barriers and foster environments where all individuals thrive.

Renowned for my ability to captivate audiences on every level, I have been hailed as "an amazing lecturer and teacher for those in hearing distance." Whether delivering inspiring speeches online or in person, I use the power of storytelling to share knowledge, vulnerability, and passion.