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Defining Allyship


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Defining Allyship

DEI in the UK and Europe: Diversity Reboot Summit

Join Meera Raikundalia, Co-Founder of BYP Network, whose mission is to empower Black professionals around the world, and Hillary Black, a globally-recognized operational talent executive and dynamic thought leader with 25+ years of experience, as they take a deep dive into the meaning of allyship and answer any questions you may have. Joining Meera and Hillary for this conversation will be Kristina Anguelakieva, Founder & CEO of trueblu, a boutique agency that specializes in crafting powerful stories through branded videos, photo essays, podcasts, and writing tailored to digital audiences.

Hillary Black

Ayla Morwin

Hilliary is a Founding Partner of AIR | allies in recruiting and a Co-Founder of Career Happy, a division of Kay & Black, Talent MGMT. A failed copywriter and huge Bukowski fan, 20+ years later Hillary is Joint CEO of Kay & Black, a boutique recruitment and coaching firm in NYC. She has spent over 20 years in the advertising industry and has witnessed and facilitated many career transitions – her own and others. Hillary is passionate about making meaningful connections with an empathetic, human approach. She graduated with a B.A. in Psychology and later in life received my Masters Degree in Social Work.

Meera Raikundalia

Ayla Morwin

Meera Raikundalia has had over 5 years sales and commercial experience across different start-ups. She has been working in the corporate D&I space for 5 years and has helped grow and scale communities for women in technology as well as worked in inner city London schools to connect less privileged students with opportunities in technology. She now heads up the corporate strategy for BYP Network, and works closely with a range of companies including, Facebook, AirBnb, Soho House, PwC etc to help them attract and retain black talent.

Kristina Anguelakieva

Ayla Morwin

I founded trueblu in Toronto after working in corporate marketing leadership for twenty years. Big companies like Rogers, Bell, and Sears, hired me to build brands, services, new start-ups, and loyalty programs. Trueblu is an entrepreneurial extension of my corporate experience. I became fascinated by the power and economy of digital storytelling and married it with my desire to make a difference in the world. I realized I could be someone who could make this work accessible to organizations that don’t traditionally have big budgets. I use my years of experience in marketing and team up with digitally savvy, young creators to do this.

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