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Dr. Bridget Beamon
Dr. Bridget Beamon
Summit Speaker

Principal Systems Engineer at Raytheon Intelligence & Space, Common Engineering Organization

Dr. Bridget Beamon is Principal Systems Engineer at Raytheon Intelligence & Space, Common Engineering Organization. She has over 25 years of multi-disciplined experience, working in varied roles as lead researcher, software engineer, network engineer and systems engineer. She holds a PhD in Computer Engineering, completing a dissertation on the topic of: 'Adaptive High Level Context Reasoning in Pervasive Environments'. Her career experience has included data analysis and algorithmic refinement of IBM’s Watson cognitive computing product and significant contributions to multiple projects centered on machine learning, graphs analysis and natural language programming for DoD programs. She holds several patents for her work. Bridget is a life-long learner who is now completing a second master’s degree in Systems Engineering & Management while continually growing her AI/ML knowledge.

Most recently, her commitment to learning coupled with the ability to grasp and innovatively apply technical and theoretical knowledge to real world problems, proved critical to success as she led the productization of RI&S’s Automated Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML) Requirements Analysis Tool. She is working to expand the tool’s capabilities, program’s adoption of its use, and application to RI&S’s Engineering’s Digital Engineering Goals.

As one with experience navigating the gauntlet of an engineering career path while balancing real life unforeseen challenges , Bridget is passionate about leveraging her experience in developing the next generation of minority and female engineers.

Bridget is a member of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers(IEEE), International Counsel of System Engineers (INCOSE) , Society of Women Engineers (SWE) and National Society of Black Engineers(NSBE). She is also a 2023 recipient of the Black Engineer of the Year Award (BEYA), as an Industry Outstanding Technical Contributor.