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Driving Inclusion in the Tech Industry


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Driving Inclusion in the Tech Industry

Whats Working, What’s Needed

During this talk, Deja will uncover the ways in which Springboard is forging pathways to equitable access through in-house and sponsored scholarships for underrepresented communities to upskill / reskill their way into the technology industry. This talk comes on the tails of the most recent launch of the Inclusion Scholarship Program, in which Springboard has committed $10 million in funding to award scholarships ranging from partial, half, and full tuition to students who demonstrate need from underserved groups. Additionally, in an effort to surpass their $10 million commitment, Springboard has partnered with organizations aligned in their mission to combat underrepresentation, and are excited to double the impact by enabling as many candidates who are eager to break into the tech industry to do so through the support of the program.

Nadeja Adams

Bridget Finkeldey

Deja is a Maryland native by way of San Francisco, and currently leads Employer Partnerships at Springboard as Sr. Account Executive. As an avid champion of unconventional pathways and a regular advocate for risk-taking, Deja is unapologetically passionate about the opportunities that she is able to create for the eclectic network of Springboard candidates who come from so many walks of life. Since joining Springboard, she has forged opportunities for candidates to step into exciting career pathways, in addition to driving powerful partnerships with organizations to continuously remove financial barriers to education. It is through this work that she hopes to continue creating access for those who are eager to break into the technology industry - no matter what their path may look like.

Kiran Devanath

Sanmaya Mohanty

15+ years experience implementing profitable global trading systems across diverse product portfolio.

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