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Elizabeth Gish (She/Her)
Elizabeth Gish (She/Her)
Summit Speaker

Managing Director, iRelaunch

Elizabeth Gish is Managing Director at the career reentry consulting, training, and events company iRelaunch, and has been immersed in career reentry thought leadership for nearly five years. She was a featured speaker at the iRelaunch Employer Summit in 2021, and has an excellent multi-dimensional perspective and highly relevant experience on both the employer and relauncher sides of career reentry programming. Elizabeth relaunched into corporate social responsibility at Oracle a few years before Oracle had a formal career reentry program, and she was instrumental in launching and leading the Oracle Career Relaunch program, in partnership with iRelaunch. Elizabeth earned an MBA from Denver University and a BA from Trinity College in Hartford, CT. She was trained in Design Thinking techniques by Stanford’s dSchool, and has served as an advisor for ReBoot Accel, a recruiting firm that helps companies hire, advance and empower women. She lives in the San Francisco Bay area.