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Elle Rose
Elle Rose
Summit Speaker

Writer, Educator, and Advocate

Elle Rose, also known online as scretladyspider, is an agender demisexual and graysexual writer, educator, and advocate. Elle wrote a tweet about Spongebob’s asexuality in 2020, and it went viral. Realizing that there was a lot of misinformation about the asexual spectrum, and being demisexual herself, she started writing a blog about demisexuality. Since then she has become something of a leader in the online asexual community, particularly concerning demisexuality and graysexuality. She has been interviewed about demisexuality by the BBC, Cosmopolitan, Healthline, The Sydney Morning Herald, Lesflicks, and the Poema podcast. She has also been a panelist for India Aces and AVEN. In 2023 she is publishing a book about demisexuality with Jessica Kingsley Publishers.