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Emi Wood-Lecler (She/Her/They)
Emi Wood-Lecler (She/Her/They)
Summit Speaker

E4B Associate Market Manager & AIM IBG Global Development Chair at Expedia

Using her background in hospitality, Emi wants to create a world that is more inclusive to all, no matter their ultimate destination. With personal experience of visible and invisible disabilities, she strives to make change for the community in everything she does. Emi has been with Expedia Group for over 7 years, providing consultations to Lodging Hotel Partners across the Northeast and parts of the Midwest. Beyond her expected duties, Emi has become an Inclusion & Diversity Champion, a Mental Health Ambassador with a Mental Health First Aid Certification, an Ally Skills Facilitator, and the Global Development Chair for the AIM IBG (Ability Inclusion Movement Inclusion Business Group). As an Inclusion & Diversity Champion, Emi created, managed, and published the Lodging Accessibility Guide, which provides guidance for Lodging Hotel Partners on how to appropriately market to and provide the best experience for travelers with disabilities. This guide was showcased at the Expedia Group annual conference in 2022 and 2023 and was most recently recognized in a Forbes article for creating a more inclusive travel experience. As the Global Development Chair, it is her focus to find and create growth and development opportunities for members of AIM. Most notably has been the success of the “Own Your Dreams” development program, which ran for six weeks in the Fall of 2022, and focused on skills for personal branding, networking, and goal setting. The program had almost 1K active participants across all Inclusion Business Groups, and scored a 4.5/5 in career relevance for the community members. The 2023 edition of the program is currently under way! So whether it’s creating a more inclusive experience for travelers, or helping people create a path of growth & development, Emi strives to be an example of what can be achieved.