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Fritz Robinson
Fritz Robinson
Summit Speaker

Senior Recruiter for CIS at Raytheon Intelligence & Space

Fritz Robinson (he/him/his) is a Senior Recruiter for CIS at Raytheon Intelligence & Space. I his role, he helps build an inclusive experience in the Talent Acquisition process from getting candidates into the right positions. Sourcing for unique roles using various tools helping build a diverse and skilled work force for his current managers. He has been with RTX originally Collins Aerospace for over 11 years, after a brief change in industry he returned to the Raytheon in 2022. He has been part Out & Equal for 3 years at Collins, from attendee to managing company branding booth at the Career Fair. He helped connect Collins Aerospace and oSTEM in a partnership for a few years that help building a pipeline for engineering. In 2019 helped manage Annapolis Pride partnership with local IMS team and support as one of the main supporters for their first Pride Festival in Annapolis. Fritz has an bachelor’s degree in Business Administration focusing in Human Resource Management at University of Central Oklahoma. He currently lives in Oklahoma City with his husband and his dog Coco who knows she is the only thing that matters around her.