Diversity reboot

Hakemia Jackson
Hakemia Jackson
Summit Speaker

CEO & International Executive Coach, Divinely Powered Leadership Development

Hakemia is the GIFT ENFORCER! She helps clients walk in their freedom and utilize their gifts within. She is intrigued and experienced in journeying with clients as they disengage from limiting beliefs and conditioned responses. Her formal credentials are, Masters in Science in Organizational Behavior & Executive Coaching, Licensed Spiritual Belief Therapist (LSBT), and Professional Certified Coach (PCC). She specializes in transforming complex cultures into human-centric cultures of inclusivity and innovation that will create long-term sustainable value. Hakemia takes a systemic, intersectional, human-centric approach to her work to deliver tailored and sustainable solutions to organizations like Shell Oil & Gas, The New York Times, Pinterest, and many more. She is a visionary force that has touched the lives of people across the globe (from Israel, Germany, Africa, to the America's) with diverse backgrounds professionally and culturally.

Hakemia is the CEO of Divinely Powered Leadership Development and Executive Coaching Practice. Prior to coaching, the core of her expertise resided in the field of SAP & Oracle enterprise system implementations and Talent Management. While at PricewaterhouseCoopers, the second largest global accounting firm located in over 150 countries, her career flourished and created this unicorn opportunity for her to WALK IN HER GIFT.