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How to Gain Respect as a Leader


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How to Gain Respect as a Leader

The Diversity of Latinidad

Position alone won’t gain respect—particularly for those leaders from historically excluded groups. In this Portuguese-language talk, PowerToFly’s own Jessica Hollander, Product Manager, will address how to cultivate authority in a male-dominated field, how to gain respect from teams that you don’t directly manage, and share her journey in product leadership

Elvira Bauer, she/they

Bridget Finkeldey

I have 30 years, a non-binary person, and I believe that someday it will not be necessary to explain or speak about it. It will be normal, and until then, I will fight for this. In my free time, I do tarot readings on Tiktok and study astrology.

Jessica Hollander

Bridget Finkeldey

I’m a Bacharel in Social Communications who fell in love with code and the transformation ability of the tech industry.

I’ve been working with digital products since 2018 when I started at the Apple Developer Academy and since then made my way from iOS developer to Product Manager as I gained experience in different areas such as finance and education.

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