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Jacqueline Chung
Jacqueline Chung
Summit Speaker

Business Technology Management student

Jacqueline Chung is on a mission to empower her community to implement technologies to optimize processes and raise awareness of social issues. Her curiosity and drive for innovation support societal change collaboratively Jacqueline is an advocate of sustainability, mental health, and diversity in the STEM fields.

She is a Business Technology Management student, based in Toronto, Canada. Jacqueline has established the go-to-market strategy to increase Surface Devices and Accessories adoption across North America by partnering with retailers such as Best Buy, leading to +18% annual revenue. With 3 years of work experience ranging from analytics, marketing, sales, and consulting, she aims to intersect business, technology, and social impact through her professional and community work.

She has shown her commitment to EDI within the STEM field. Jacqueline mentors students globally with Rewriting the Code (RTC), Women in Leadership, and other diversity-focused organizations. In these various roles, she has been a speaker/panellist; organizing speakers with the community and outside business contacts and engaging with women in senior-level roles to learn more about their journey.

During the pandemic, Jacqueline co-founded International Hub to support international students in career readiness. It offers a centralized STEM-focused database and an online community for international students. She leads their partnership and content strategy, winning the DMZ Grant and incubating with League of Innovators, Platform Calgary, and Front Row Ventures. With their global team, they have increased membership by 15x since their launch.

Overall, she strives to meet her educational goals and support international students globally. Jacqueline is a social advocate and continuously wants to learn, grow and evolve herself.

Connect with on LinkedIn:https://www.linkedin.com/in/jacquelinechung

Visit International Hub:https://international-hub.github.io